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Who we are

Alexsysis a major player of consulting in innovative technologies and management for companies.

We are a real "game changer", creating high added value to help our customers win their digital battle.

Technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of fields of action. Our customers can rely on us and let themselves be guided towards a successful digital transformation. At Alexsys, we accomplish this journey by striving to remain a trusted partner delivering digital empowerment to our customers.

What we do


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Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Data science and artificial intelligence processes have proven to be cost-effective computing components in many areas of business. Especially when data is already collected. It is often shown that even small pots of data contain added value, which is opened up by machine learning.

Alexsys integrates AI capabilities into customer information systems to build smarter, more automated solutions that help increase productivity and open up new possibilities.

From machine learning to computer vision to processing, forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support a variety of scalable environments to meet the changing needs of our customers.


With remarkable advances in computer technology and the development of new technologies that allow the PCs on the network to cooperate, an analysis using massive data that we could not think of before. Big Data offers a tangible competitive advantage in decision-making processes. Evaluating the data supported by IT helps businesses on a daily basis to make faster and, above all, better decisions.

Alexsys provides services to help its clients identify, secure and manage their key data with appropriate management and visualization platforms and tools, to:

  • Make better decisions based on data and analysis.
  • Manage risks more effectively
  • Have precise predictions
  • Fraud prevention


The need for the Internet of Things continues to grow due to the adoption of connected objects in all sectors, the IoT provides precise and instant visibility of the state of companies' assets thanks to the real-time data transmission.

IoT has the ability and the potential to deeply transform the way businesses operate, using the data generated and collected by connected solutions.

Alexsys supports its customers in all stages of this evolution, thanks to a global offer which includes consulting, system integration and operational maintenance.

Application Development & Integration

The digital transformation of companies requires a major overhaul of Information Systems. Business requirements, software performance and reliability are becoming more and more critical and essential during the development and integration of applications whatever the sector of the company's activity.

Alexsys supports companies that wish to improve the performance of the DSI and benefit from an agile IS and align with the business needs of the company while optimizing operating costs.

We put our business knowledge, our industrialization capacity and our innovation, at the service of the transformation of your IS in order to offer the best services at the best cost.

Solutions & Cloud Platform

The Cloud is a strategic point and an accelerator of Digital Transformation, offering faster time-to-market, optimized consumption and significant access to innovative technologies.

Alexsys helps its clients overcome the challenge affecting their culture, processes and technologies. In order to determine a Cloud enterprise strategy and a roadmap adapted to the business with our consulting teams.

We offer the necessary expertise for your transformation by positioning the Cloud as an engine for your business.

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Why we do it

We are convinced that technology is a compulsory passage for the evolution and improvement of public services: health, education, transport, administrative and economic procedures, ...

By bringing together the expertise and experience of our collaborators as well as our partners on the basis of our offers and technological solutions, we create new opportunities and added value for our customers, partners and employees.